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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HomeSimple?

HomeSimple is comprehensive property management for homeowners: Lawn care, snow removal, routine maintenance and repairs. Inside or out, we are the experts in what needs to be done, and what the right price is.

What’s the cost?

HomeSimple membership is $240 per year.

How does it work?

  • Schedule a call here
  • We’ll call you at the scheduled time
  • Tell us what you need – routine maintenance, lawn care, repairs, whatever you need
  • Schedule a home visit by our staff maintenance experts, so that we can better understand your needs
  • Sign up and pay your annual membership fee
  • Text, email, or call us when you need something
  • We’ll find a qualified and reputable contractor, schedule the work, verify a fair price, and make sure the work was done correctly
  • You pay the contractor once the work has been completed

What services are included?

Whatever needs done to keep your home well-maintained and in good shape, call us. We’ll

make sure the right work is done at the right time for the right price:

Routine services:

* Lawn mowing & garden maintenance!

* Snow removal

* Power-washing driveway, sidewalks, and house

* Duct & dryer vent cleaning

* Window cleaning

* Spring/fall lawn cleanups

* House cleaning services

Preventative maintenance:

* Gutter cleaning

* Annual furnace and central air-conditioning maintenance

* Caulking

* Driveway sealing

* Pest control

Other repairs and maintenance

* Plumbing repairs and drain cleaning

* Electrician services

* Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, furnace repairs

* Roofing, roof repairs, and leak repairs

* Masonry repairs

* Window repairs

* Appliance repairs

* Painting

* Hardwood refinishing

* Whatever else needs to be done